Camp Integem

5038 Halison StTorrance, CA 90503
Phone: 4084590657
Business Hours: 9AM-5PMEmail: support@integem.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Camp Integem is a leading STEM/STEAM camp for ages 5-18: Transform their dreams into tangible, hands-on creations in AI, Robotics, Holographic AR, coding, STEM digital art, 2D/3D animation, 2D/3D game design, space and nature exploration, tech leadership, and more. 

Macaroni KID families can save with code MKOG. Learn more at: Camp Integem is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ASC WASC), making our credits and transcripts officially recognized in the USA and abroad.

If needed, we provide separate transcripts for school applications. Approved as an NVIDIA AI Training Partner, students can earn NVIDIA AI Certificates at Integem. Students will be grouped into four grade groups: Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. 

Camp Integem is available in Irvine and 15 other locations in California. Our Course Categories: AR Coding, STEM & Game Design Courses Students will code their own Holographic AR applications/games. They can dive into deep ocean to play with whales, ride a spaceship to explore the universe, teleport into their game world to fight with Minecraft, Roblox or other game characters, or developing AI games with intelligent, conversational characters. 

•AR Coding for Space Exploration
•AR Coding for Nature Exploration
•3D AR Coding & Game Design
•Advanced AI+3D Coding & Game Design 

Note: 3D Game design includes 3D AR Minecraft, 3D AR Roblox Game Design and other 3D Game Design AR, AI & Robotics Engineering Students will design their own intelligent AR applications using AI, transform the magic of the Holographic AR world into the real world through robotics, and even create their own intelligent AI robots. 

They will use holographic AR to remotely operate in robot environments, thereby bringing the wonders of AR into real-world robotics challenges. 

•Intro to AI Engineering with AR
•Intro to Robotics Design & AR Coding
•AI Robotics Engineering with AR
•Advanced AI Robotics with AR & NVIDIA
•Jetson Nano AR Digital Art, Animation & 3D Design 

Students will create their digital art, animations, and 3D designs. Then, using Holographic AR, they will design interactive AR experiences where they can teleport into their creations, play with their characters, or become heroes who safeguard the world! 

•Intro to AR Art with AI
•Interactive AR Animation with Adobe
•3D Holographic AR Design
•Advanced 2D & 3D Holographic AR Animation + Adobe

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