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Cinco de Mayo cookie

May 2, 2012

This easy craft is fun for kids to do!

By: Jennifer Paterra
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Angela Valent

Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the fifth of May and remembers the day in 1862 when Mexico's army had an unlikely victory over the French.  Ironically, the holiday is not widely celebrated in Mexico...but we sure enjoy it here!  This cookie is a tasty and easy way to celebrate.  Olé.


What you need:

Refrigerated Sugar Cookie dough (we use the kind in a tube...but you could use your own dough and cut them into circles)
Multi-colored Non-pareils
Gum Drops

To make:

Bake cookies as directed.  They should be circles!  Let them cool completely.
Frost the outer edge of the cookie and roll in non-pareils.
Frost the outer edge of the gum drop and roll it in non-pareils, too.
Using a small bit of frosting, secure the gum drop to the middle of the cookie.  And voilà, you have a mini sombrero cookie!

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