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More fun from Think Geek!

March 28, 2012

Check out these awesome products!

By: Think Geek sponsored Feature
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Think Geek

 You must know by now that I love Think Geek! They have the most awesome products! We received the following products to check out and loved them all!

 Are you looking for a simple solution to owning an easy to care for Pet? What about the Electronic Goldfish in a bowl?  This is really the easiest pet! OK, so it's not real but it is fun and so simple! You don't need to feed it or change the water on a regular basis! It really swims around like a real fish. All you need is batteries (3 AA). We loved the always-on LED show and our kitten is still trying to figure out if it is real! Now, taking care of a fish can be so easy!

 Does your baby like to grab your iPhone? Does he or she dial phone numbers? And, what about the drool? Now, there is the Laugh & Learn Baby iPhone Case. We received this one too and think it is a Mommy-Must have for Moms with little ones in the house. It is great for protecting your iPhone or iPod from your little one (ages 1-3). No drool and blocks the Home button which prevents baby from dialing! $19.99 at Think Geek.

Do you like garlic but do not like to chop or mince it? I know I was thrilled to try this one out! The Garlic Zoom XL is so easy to use! I was amazed at how easy it is to chop and mince garlic with this product! It's even fun and no more smelly garlic hands! 

 I love to receive books to review so was delighted to receive these two books! The Space Child's Mother Goose written by Frederick Winsor is awesome! There are 45 Mother Goose Poems, re-written about Science and Math. Both children and adults who like Math and or Science will love this book! My son loved it! On Sale right now at Think Geek for $11.99.

The Big Book Of Bucky is a must-have for those who have bought the BuckyBalls found at Think Geek. Yes, there is a book on how to use the BuckyBalls! It is packed with tons of step-by-step how-tos, games and more!

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