March 21, 2012


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 As a mom, I’m sure you’ve been there - it’s the middle of the night - sick baby wailing with a fever and you can’t get her to calm down to take a full dose of liquid acetaminophen. Your frustration compounds the situation because all you want to do is help her to feel better. If you had FeverAll® Acetaminophen Suppositories in your medicine cabinet, this situation might play out a bit smoother and your baby would receive the full dose of acetaminophen that she needs to fight fever. FeverAll is the top national brand of acetaminophen in suppository form. Parents have relied on its accuracy and ease-of-use for more than 30 years. With FeverAll, parents can be confident that their child has received the exact dosage of acetaminophen required for their age every single time. At less than one-inch in size, FeverAll is smaller than other acetaminophen suppositories, which makes it easier to administer in infants and children.


Acetaminophen dosing for children has never been simpler or more accurate.  No more measuring, struggling with a feisty toddler or worrying if your child swallowed the full/proper dose because they’re spitting up. What’s more, FeverAll Infants’ Strength (ages six to 36 months) is the only infant acetaminophen product available that has dosing instructions on the label.


FeverAll Children’s Strength (ages 3-6 years) and Jr. Strength (ages 6-12 years) formulas are also great alternatives for older children who are unable or unwilling to take a full dose of acetaminophen orally, due to vomiting, or have difficulty swallowing due to physical or medical conditions.


FeverAll is available at major retailers and drugstores across the U.S., such as Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart for a suggested retail price of approximately $7.00 for a package of six suppositories.  Learn more about FeverAll at www.Feverall.com. We received a sample of FeverAll to try out but my son hasn't yet needed it. I'm glad we have it for next time he has a fever!


 FeverAll has teamed up with us for a giveaway! One winner will be able to try one of these products: FeverAll Infants', Children's or Jr. Strength. Simply leave a comment below to enter! Deadline to enter is March 27th at 12 PM.


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1) Lindsey said:
I would love to try this! Especially with a baby that is a wiggle worm!
2 years, 10 months ago
2) Elsa O said:
This is a great product to have at home when U have little ones, especially when they can't hold anything down, or just hate taking medicine!
2 years, 10 months ago

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