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Game of Your Life

November 30, 2011

A Film for Family Movie Night Premiers December 2nd!

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 I love family movie nights but have to admit sometimes it isn't all that easy finding a good family movie on television. You know what I mean? You pop the popcorn, get the blankets and head for the couch but then it's like, "What do we watch?" I finally had the chance to watch a premier of an upcoming family night movie from Proctor & Gamble and Walmart. The show is called Game of Your Life and it will be premiering on December 2nd at 8 PM on NBC. I really enjoyed this show! It made me think, laugh and even almost get teary eyed! A refreshing movie for the whole family especially those who have Tweens!


Game of Your Life follows college freshman Zach Taylor as he navigates the challenges of the first semester at the prestigious – and highly competitive –Digital Institute of Game Design.  Challenge one?  Zach and his team must pass the infamous freshman project that eliminates more than half of the incoming class within.

Paired with brilliant, yet socially awkward, teammates Phillip and Donald, the trio persuades Sara Ramirez – a determined and striking team leader with whom Zach has a history (and possibly a future) – to join their team. Working off-campus in a teched-out loft, the four set out to involve the entire campus in a quirky new game that explores the consequences of the choices everyone makes in life. 

As the group becomes entrenched in the project, Zach learns that his widowed father is facing growing financial woes at home. To help out, Zach accepts an opportunity to work on a secretive side project that requires nearly all of his time and energy and violates the school’s prohibition against outside consulting projects. Struggling to keep it together, Zach is torn between his responsibility to his team and the chance to help his father.


Zach Taylor (Titus Makin Jr.)

Sara Ramirez (Dana De La Garza)

Phillip Reese (Nathan Kress)

Donald Wallace (Adam Cagley)

Dr. Abbie Lambert (Lea Thompson)

Dean Cameron (Ric Reitz)

Marcus Bentton (Tom Nowicki)

Don't miss this one! 

Check out the trailer here.


Game of Your Life airs Friday, December 2 on NBC at 8/7(central).



1) K said:
I set our DVR thanks for the review.
2 years, 8 months ago
2) Tamra W said:
I'll be watching this one too! Thanks!
2 years, 8 months ago

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