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Medical ID Marketplace, a Hope Paige Company

November 17, 2011

NEW TextID® in their fashionable line of medical ID bracelets and jewelry

By: Medical ID Marketplace sponsored Feature
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Medical ID Marketplace, a Hope Paige Company

Medical ID Marketplace, A Hope Paige Company  (www.medicalIDmarketplace.com), an award winning medical identification company, announced today the launch of TextID®, revolutionary Short Message Service (SMS) enabled jewelry.  TextID® uses SMS technology to relay life-saving information with the convenience, speed and efficiency of a text message, making Medical ID Marketplace an innovator in the market.  In one easy step, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and first responders will be able to access a person’s self-created emergency profile, detailing  medical information, current medications, emergency contacts, and other potentially life-saving information by text messaging their unique PIN to 5-10-20.


TextID®, powered by ICEdot emergency ID and notification service, enables people to store their medical and personal information in a secure online account. For just $12 for the first year of membership, ($10 each year thereafter), customers can register their unique PIN number, which is engraved on their customized medical ID jewelry, and create their personal medical profile in minutes, including up to 10 emergency contacts. This profile can be updated at any time from any computer or smart phone at no additional charge.

“We are honored to be partnering with ICEdot, a company which has an exclusive partnership with the American Ambulance Association, to provide life-saving information to people that need it,” says Medical ID Marketplace President, Shelly Fisher.  “An individual’s information will be conveniently delivered in a text message to any cell phone. TextID is available on all major mobile phone networks. It’s perfect for anyone with a medical condition, people engaged in active lifestyles, children or elderly who wander, and those unable to effectively communicate. And because TextID makes it easy to notify emergency contacts as well as access medical information, it provides peace of mind to anyone seeking to protect their loved ones, whether or not they have a medical condition.”


Fisher adds, “There are often times when phone service may be unreliable, such as during severe weather conditions, and text messages often go through when phone calls cannot.  TextID provides first responders with access to critical information in seconds without the need for phone calls and note pads.  There has been nothing like this on the market until now.”   


“As an award winning EMS innovation ourselves, we feel this partnership is a natural fit,” says Chris Zenthoefer, CEO of ICEdot, formally Invisible Bracelet. “It’s clear why Medical ID Marketplace  is the market leader in medical jewelry.  Not only do they offer quality and stylish products but their customer service is far superior to what we’ve seen out there.  We are very excited to be working with them and to help this market technologically advance, offering a product that can make a real difference in emergency response.”


For information on medical jewelry, setting up a TextID® user profile, or additional information, please visit www.medicalIDmarketplace.com or call Medical ID Marketplace customer support center at 610-234-0093.  For real time information, follow Hope Paige Medical on Facebook and Twitter.


ABOUT Medical ID Marketplace:

Founded in December 2003, Medical ID Marketplace, A Hope Paige Company is a contemporary medical ID jewelry company that mixes fashion and style with function and purpose to develop an entire collection of fashionable medical emergency bracelets and jewelry for men, women and children.  Their products can be found across the United States in doctors' offices, pharmacies, supermarkets, jewelry stores, specialty boutiques and online. A partial list of retailers include: Kroger, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Albertsons, Stop-N-Shop, Giant, Bashas, Bi-Lo, Kerr Drug, A&P, Medicine Chest, Brookshire, Amazon, Target, Martin’s, Family Pharmacy, Focus Pharmacy and Price Chopper.  For more information, visitwww.medicalIDmarketplace.com



ICEdot, formally Invisible Bracelet, is emergency ID and notification software. ICEdot utilizes: the Internet, mobile applications and SMS technology to quickly identify a patient, relay important medical information and provide emergency contacts in case of emergency (ICE). ICEdot has an exclusive partnership with the American Ambulance Association (AAA) which helps further EMT education about their software so medics can identify and use the ICEdot service. 


Here's a code to try it out:


TEXT TO: 51020: 



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