Sneak Peek at Upcoming Deals at Plum District!

September 15, 2011

Awesome Deals for Moms!

By: Plum District sponsored Feature
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Plum District

Now for the sneak peek on upcoming Deals from our friends at Plum District! Be on the

look-out for these awesome deals! You don't want to miss out, so sign up

at Plum District today!

Look for these Deals: 

"Creative parties Bday
$159 for $318

"Casablanca Spa Massage
$65 for $130

"Oasis Spa
$100 for $200

"Beach Cleaners (Can't wait to buy this one!)
house cleaning
$30 for $90

Yoga Town
$30 for 120

Charlie's Pantry
$15 for $30


An awesome deal that started on Wednesday and may still be available:

YAS Fitness
$40 for $90 

Stroller Strides Fitness
& Kids Concept next week. 






1) Tina G said:
ooh...housecleaning!! :)
2 years, 7 months ago

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