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Books from Think Geek

June 9, 2011

Perfect for Father's Day!

By: Denise A. Bloomfield
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Think Geek

 Think Geek sent us two really awesome books that we think would be just perfect for Father's Day Gifts! Show Me How by Derek Fagerstrom, Lauren Smith, and The Show Me Team is such an awesome book with easy step-by-step instructions on how to do 500 things! Yes, 500 things! There are lots of pictures and it isn't very wordy. Some of the cool things it shows how to do are folding clothes for travel, perform CPR and even how to crack a coconut. So, maybe the first two are more important but who knows? Maybe if you are on a deserted island one day, learning how to crack a coconut could really come in handy!

 The Geek Dad's Guide To Weekend Fun by Ken Denmead & friends is another great book! There are over 25 awesome projects for Dads and Kids to work on together. Cool things such as how to write and direct simple stop-motion movies. We were really amazed at all the cool things in this book.

In conjunction with the awesome folks at Geek Dad, Think Geek is having an ultimate Geek Dad Giveaway! Prizes include: the icade, a 16GB wifi iPad2, a Geek Dad Oackage, a full-size arcade cabinet (with custom Timmy artwork) from DreamArcades.com, and a $1,000 Think Geek Shopping Spree. Head over to their contest page for more details!

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1) Tori said:
These books sound great!
3 years, 7 months ago

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