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Spring Sunflower Cake

April 14, 2011

Tis' The Season!

By: Debby Perry MK Robinson
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Debby Perry MK Robinson

To create this spring time creation simply search out the following!

1.  1 box of store bought cake mix.

2.  1 can of store bought chocolate icing.

3.  1 cup or more or chocolate chip morsels.

4.  2-3 packages of yellow Easter Peeps.

Bake the cake as directed in a round pan. 

Remove from pan once cool and place on a platter or plate. 

Ice with chocolate icing. 

Surround cake with yellow Easter Peeps.

Sprinkle center of cake with chocolate chips. 

Feel free to sneak a few peeps and chocolate chips on the side :)

Serve and wow the crowd!

Submitted by MK Robinson reader, Dani Fife.

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