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April Fool's Fun:

March 31, 2011

Links to the Best Pranks, Recipes, and Crafts

By: Merri Cohen, Publisher of marlboro-manalapan.macaronikid.com
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This Friday is April 1st already--is Mother Nature playing a huge joke on us with all this great Spring weather?! If I walked outside in shorts and flip-flops, I really would be an April Fool.

When I was a kid, I remember how much fun it was to wake up and trick my parents and friends with silly jokes, and I just loved saying "April Fool's!"

Well, you're never too old for April Fool's fun. With the help of  Disney's FamilyFun.com and other great websites, here are some foolish things to do from breakfast to bedtime:

7:00 AM: Wake up your kids on Friday, April 1 and tell them it's Saturday and there is no school--APRIL's FOOL!

7:15 AM: Have your kids come down to the kitchen table to find a Model Parent prank set up (stuff your husband's pants and shoes with newspaper and attach an open newspaper to make it look like he is sitting and reading a newspaper--when he really isn't--April's FOOL)!

7:30 AM: Serve your kids Fried Marshmallow Eggs and Angel Food Cake Toast for breakfast, along with cereal in a Magic Milk bowl that turns blue!

7:45 AM: Pack your kids' lunch with special April Fools' lunch labels and a wormy apple and snack switcheroo (Ha, carrots in your cheetos bag--April Fool's!)

9:00 AM: For all your office workers, why not try some office pranks like Time Off Trickery or The Walls Have Eyes. How about labeling everything on your colleague's desk (phone, coffee mug, pen, computer screen, books, etc.) with a post-it note? Or why not put your coworkers' stapler into a jello mold?

9:30 AM: Pregnant? Why not post an ultrasound with TWO babies or tell all your friends that you are naming the baby Bud Weiser if it's a boy and Corona if it's a girl. Here's a few more pranks while pregnant.

10:00 AM: Aah, kids are all in school. Log onto the computer, and discover the origins of April Fool's Day.  You can even read about the top 100 April Fool's hoaxes. Or check out Google.com to see their 2011 gag. Last year, they changed their name to Topeka.com (in honor of Topeka, Kansas temporarily changing their name to Google, Kansas). They also created a fake phone App called Google Translate for Animals. Here's a list of Google gags.

12:00 PM: Preschoolers home for lunch? Serve them special Colorful Cupcakes (meatloaf dressed up for April Fool's), followed by sweet Grilled Cheese (poundcake "bread" with icing "cheese").

1:30 PM: What's better than playing with Playdough? Playing with Peanut Butter PlayDough!

3:15 PM: Kids are home from school--make a Compost Cake or Mock Sushi for a fun afterschool snack and activity. Once they are finished with their homework, give them a special April Fool's Word Search puzzle to solve.

4:00 PM: It's Tea Time--Why not serve up some CreativiTea and Sponge Cake?

5:00 PM: Your daughter just finished her 10-page scrapbook on Ancient Greece and left it on the kitchen table. Freak her out by putting some Hot Chocolate Havoc , an Ice Cream Cone Calamity, or Popsicle Paperweight on top of her scrapbook.

6:00 PM:  Switch up dinner and dessert. Serve Meatloaf Cake followed by Fake Spaghetti and Malt Balls. Or how about Fauxberry Pie (Shepherd's Pie with "Chocolate" beef and "Strawberry" potatoes) and Faux Fish Sticks and Peas?

7:00 PM: Make your husband do the dishes after your delicious and creative April Fool's Meal. Put a rubber band around the kitchen sink spray nozzle for some super soaker kitchen fun.

8:00 PM: Hey, what's April Fool's Day without a little potty humor. Put saran wrap underneath the toilet seat--an oldie but goody! Or try the Joke on the Water, followed by the Bathroom Bankroll.

8:30 PM: Time for bed! Instead of reading the kids a bedtime story, why not read them some jokes from Yahoo!Kids or AhaJokes.com

9:00 PM: Here's a trick to have your kids play on dad. Have them create a prank project letter from school listing all kinds of crazy supplies (a paperclip made of chocolate pudding, a needle in a haystack) they need to bring to school for the next day! Heck, this happens even when it's not April Fool's Day in my house (I was awoken this morning at 6:00 AM by my son who said he needed purple plaid pajama pants for spirit day!).

11:00 PM: Bedtime and time to start thinking up new pranks for April Fool's Day 2012! Here's some more ideas to get started.

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